The Departed

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The Departed;
When there is death, life stands still.

“The trauma of death and the aching emptiness it leaves behind crystallize in our minds a construction of the ones we loved.” Wendy Sacks
For the American artist Wendy Sacks, water has become an insightful metaphor and a medium of physical and emotional healing. She makes photographs that speak of the complex nature of human relationships. In each she employs the physical and symbolic qualities of water in one of its three states: vapour, fluid, ice.

In her most recent series, ‘The Departed’, water chills to rock, its sensuous temporal nature stilled and frozen. Photographs, the residue of personal histories now concluded, appear preserved in the unyielding embrace of ice. Complex imperfect individuals in life, each subject will age no more as their failings melt from recollection to leave a burnished memory of those taken from us.

These works are part memorial, part critique. They pay tribute to love held in their hearts of the living for those who have gone before. But they also recognise that the processes of selective memory, filtered through the sands of mourning, invoke the angelic where once was merely mortal. Such warming thoughts revive the chill emptiness of loss; though they can never melt the icy wall of death that is the ultimate condition of being human.
Alasdair Foster

This series, The Departed, will be exhibited in the PhotoVisa festival in Krasnodar, Russia October 2015 curated by Alasdair Foster with invitation extended by Evgeny Berezner and
Irina Chmyreva, Moscow, Russia.
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